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Time hopping with Eva St. John's Quantum Curators

Book cover of time travel SciFi novel The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg by Eva St.John

What if curators from a parallel Earth travelled back in time to save artwork that has been lost from our Earth and timeline?

When the Orell Füssli book circle challenged its members to read a book authored by someone of a matching first name, I found Eva St.John and her Quantum Curators series. First, it was only the book covers with their clear colour scheme that caught my eye - a design unlike most other novels in the SciFi genres.

Then there was the premise: Quantum Curators of Alpha Earth save art and artifacts from parallel Beta Earth - our Earth - just before they get destroyed or lost or burned. Julius, meticulous historian, a Beta Earther like us all, is dragged along to Alpha Earth at the closing of the first novel. Now Julius is a Quantum Curator trainee himself. Paired up with Neith Salah, a hard-boiled senior QC, he has to solve the riddle of artifacts stolen from the Museion of Alexandria (Alpha's Library there was never burned down), clearly an inside job. But who can they trust?

The novels and audiobooks live from the two strong viewpoints of Neith and Julius, the old hand and the rookie, performed by two different narrators, Lucy Rayner and Alex Wyndham. How I love their perfect British voices, how well suited they are for these two characters! An absolute pleasure to listen to them! The books make for an enjoyable read or listen, and I'm looking forward to the fourth one in the series - Eva St.John hooks the reader at the end of each novel with a huge cliffhanger, makes them salivating for more.

The Series:

The Quantum Curators and the Fabergé Egg

The Quantum Curators and the Enemy Within

The Quantum Curators and the Missing Codex

The Quantum Curators and the Shattered Timeline

The Quantum Curators and the Great Deceiver

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